'Double Fine heeft niets tegen sequels'

Terry (Lord_Hydra)

Double Fine is een eigenzinnige studio die we kennen van onder andere Brütal Legend, Stacking en Costume Quest. Als eigenzinnige studio maken ze graag unieke, originele games, maar dat wil niet zeggen dat ze iets hebben tegen sequels. 

"I don't think we're averse to making sequels. I just think we haven't had a real mega breakout hit. If Brutal Legend had done five million copies we'd probably still be working on Brutal Legend 2 right now. It would have been a slam dunk for EA to immediately sign it. So, I wouldn't rule it out but there's still this passion and hunger to make new shit here that I absolutely love. Tim is so good at attracting really creative talent. These four games - they're so different, they're so creative, they're so out-there, and they don't come from Tim. They come from the brains of other people who are here at the studio. And that's super-cool, so I'd hope we can keep doing that," aldus Iron Brigade-projectleider Brad Muir. 

brutal legend (geschaalde kopie)

'Misschien ooit een deel twee?'